MacBook Repair & Upgrades

Mobile-2-Mobile now offers Apple MacBook Repairs and Upgrade Services!

Prices listed below include Parts and Labor.

Bring your MacBook back to life or give it an Upgrade. It has never been more convenient and cost effective! 

We can do all types of repairs and upgrades such as broken screens, battery replacement, liquid damage, SSD (hard drive) upgrade and memory upgrades.


Mac Upgrade Service

Is your Apple MacBook running slow? Running out of storage or memory? We can help! Make an appointment or walk in today!

Check out our price list for the most common repairs below, and if it isn’t listed, chances are we can still do it, just contact us!


Screen Replacements:

Unibody MacBook/ MacBook Pro (2008-2012 Aluminum models):  From $349

Retina MacBook Pro (2012-2015 models):  From $479

MacBook Air 11”:  From $309

MacBook Air 13”:  From $399

12” MacBook:  From $499


Battery Replacements:

Unibody MacBook/MacBook Pro (2008-2012 Aluminum Models):  From $99

Retina MacBook Pro (Late 2012-2015 models):  From $199

MacBook Air:  From $109


SSD Upgrades- Includes data cloning from your old hard drive or installing a fresh copy of MacOS:

Is your MacBook Pro made in 2012 or earlier running slow? With a Solid State Drive, your computer will run faster than when it was new, and it will expand your computer’s lifespan by years!


256GB:  $249

512GB:  $299

1TB:       $429


RAM Upgrades:

Is your 2012 or earlier MacBook Pro freezing up or lagging when you have multiple programs running? It’s probably running out of RAM, which is the short-term memory in your mac. We can upgrade it and make your computer run faster!


8GB: $149

16GB: $229

32GB: $369

Limited Time- $39 Battery Replacement when you purchase a Screen Repair!*

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